Speed Drawing/Painting of Hashimoto's Awareness Ribbon

Speed Drawing/Painting of Hashimoto's Awareness Ribbon.

A little bit about my story:

I was very sick for about 5 years and was constantly at the doctor and hospital. It took that long for someone to catch that I had this horrible disease from some blood work and to get the proper treatment. I was immedietly started on Synthriod (of course). I was dianosed July 2, 2011. I still have many problems (and a lot of new ones that have recently popped up) that the doctors are trying to work out. I am currently looking for my 7th Endocrinologist. Trying to take one step at a time. Although all these medicines, doctors and pains make me want to go insane at times! Please feel free to leave a comment if you have a story of a chronic illness or would just like some support! <3

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