❤ D e s c r i p t i o n ❤

*This listing is for a Ready to Press Sublimation Transfer.

*This is not a digital file.

*Please be sure to research what sublimation is, how to do it and know what you are buying!

*You will receive a sublimation transfer, without the watermarks, ready for press!

*You MUST have a heat press. An iron will not work!

*This transfer does not have white ink. If there is white in the design it will become the color of the fabric or material your apply it to.

*The sublimation transfer must be used on a 65% or more polyester garment. 65% polyester will give it a vintage look. To get the most vibrant look, use 100% polyester. Some say 50% polyester...but that is risking major fading to your garments. You can also prep your garments specifically for sublimation.

*This transfer MUST be used on light colored garments or materials.

*The colors on the listing may be slightly different from the transfer. The images on sublimation transfers will appear “faded” until they are pressed.

*Recommended Application Instructions:
*Set temperature on heat press to 400 degrees F.
*Set timer to 60 seconds.
*Set pressure at medium.
*Place a sheet of butcher paper or parchment paper between the shirt layers to prevent color transfer during pressing.
*Place paper face down on garment and tape in place with heat transfer tape.
*Place another piece of butcher paper or parchment paper on top of the transfer to prevent color from transferring onto your heat press plate.
*Press at 400 degrees F for 60 seconds with medium pressure
*Remove paper immediately and peel hot. Allow item to cool.

*Phone Grip 1.5"
*Can Koozie 3"
*11 oz Mug
*15 oz Mug
*Infant 4.5"
*Toddler 5.5"
*Youth 7.5"
*Adult 8.5 x 11"
*Plus Size 11 x 17"

*Transfer can only be used once.

*I am not responsible for user error of pressing this sublimation transfer incorrectly.

*We will not be responsible for any trademark infringement! It is constantly changing and by purchasing any design by Broken Willow Shop, you are agreeing that you are responsible for your own business and Broken Willow Shop will not be held liable.

*All Sales are FINAL. No refunds or exchanges.

❤ A b o u t ❤

Broken Willow Shop is a small home business. I am very passionate about the crafts I make. I am very picky with the materials I use. I only use the best quality materials. I work in a smoke free home!

If you would like something different color or size, please convo me. I welcome custom orders.

❤ P o l i c i e s ❤

ALL SALES FINAL due to the custom nature of each clothing item or cosmetics! Please be sure you have the correct size of shirt, color before completing your purchase. I am not responsible for this. I have all the sizing measurements and information about shirts/cosmetics listed.

Dreams are the Whipsers of the Soul Ready To Press Sublimation Transfer, Dreamca